Strength and Weight Training Can Control Diabetes in Obese Individuals

New research from Brazil shows that vigorous physical exercise such as strength and weight training can reduce accumulated liver fat and improve …

Chef Letícia Moreinos Schwartz Shares A Special Father’s Day Menu

Father’s Day is around the corner! Why not do something different this year, instead of braving the restaurant rush, try whipping up this …

Special Recipes for Father’s Day That are Sure to Impress

Roasted Pepper And Caper Stuffed Chicken Breasts Enjoy red pepper, caper, and herb stuffed chicken breasts with a white wine-shallot sauce. …

Crispy Mustard Baked Chicken Recipe

Baked chicken breasts breaded with mustard and Parmesan cheese.

Corn and Crab Cakes Recipe

Crab cakes sweetened with corn and red bell peppers, and spiced with a touch of cayenne.

Study: Daily Self-Weighing Can Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Researchers at the University of Georgia have shown that a simple intervention – daily self-weighing – can help people avoid holiday …

Smoked Salmon Spinach Frittata Recipe

Smoked salmon and dill add flavor to this stovetop spinach frittata.

Tabbouleh Recipe

A salad of bulgar (cracked wheat) with cucumber, tomato, and parsley, tossed in a lemony dressing.